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Sucker for Your Love (1990)

Barbarella - Sucker For Your Love

Sucker For Your Love

  1. Sucker for Your Love
  2. Lookin' for Boys
  3. (Like A) Fata Morgana
  4. We Cheer You Up (Join the Pin-Up Club)
  5. And Then He Kissed Me
  6. The Rhythm
  7. Summer in the City
  8. (Like A) Fata Morgana (Extended Version)
  9. We Cheer You Up (Join the Pin-Up Club) (Extended Version)
  10. Sucker for Your Love (Extended Version)
  11. (Like A) Fata Morgana (Instrumental Version)

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  • Angela Vermeer
  • Ingrid Brans
  • Leslie Doornik


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