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Give A Little Take A Little

This song is by Barbara Mandrell and appears on the album The Midnight Oil (1973).

You've got to give a little take a little if you want to get a little lovin'
And do all the things that make your man feel right
And if you give a little take a little then you're gonna get a lotta lovin'
And you're never gonna ever have to spend another lonely night

If he needs a little lovin' then hold him
'Cause if you don't the fires of love are gonna get a little cold and dim
And if his day don't go your way then take it with a little smile
After all it's the ups and downs of love that makes it all worthwhile
You've got to give a little...

Never mind the times when his feet feel the need for freedom
Just as long as they bring him on home to you when you need him
To show you care you gotta be there when he laughs or when he cries
There's no mistaking givin' and talking is the very best part of life
You've got to give a little...
You've got to give a little...

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