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You All Dat

This song is by Baha Men and appears…

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You All Dat
If you want some take some go out and get it
Gotta show her you the mac of the game or just forget it

I was up with the moon
And down with the stars
And the party was carryin on (PARTAY)
All the girls were outside kickin sand sippin on some sisqo (ooh ooh ooh Ooh)
And all the boys were standin around endorsing a cold one (hey hey hey)
And then Whoa there she was I think she's lookin' right at me (no way!)
Hey I know what I see when I see it (right)
Watch me go down there and do my talk
Hey girl I got sumptin ta say

Tell me would it be okay if I say
You got it
You all dat
You got it
Baby don't turn me away
(If you want some take some go out and get it
Gotta show her you the mac of the game or just forget it)

So all the girls started laughing at me (hahahahahaha)
I had to make a quick retreat and get ready for round 2 (Bung)
Cuzmy love was like a bomb about to explode
And only she could light my fuse
So I'm walkin' (NO)
I'm talkin' (WAY)
Dang girl I got sumptin ta say

(Are you with me?)
Desperate men make desperate moves
So I dropped to my knees and prayed (YA)
Please please give me a chance of romance just for two
Till I opened my eyes and to my surprise
My goddess of love was standin there and she said


Damn baby got sumptin ta say
Well c'mon hurry up I don't got all day
You got the hotts for me I can see
But you gotta give all you got to get me
So c'mon c'mon wutchu got give it to me
If not yo I got other guys that wanna see me
Hun let me show you how its done
You gotta have balls or you ain't gonna get none

Boy- I know you hear this 50 times a day
Girl- more like 51 after you say what you gotta say tick tock yo the clock is tickin
Boy- I'm under pressure I'm nervous
Boy-hold up listen up here I go you all dat you definitely got it yo
Girl-what you want whatu need
Boy-what I gotta say giveme your hand and let me take you away


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