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Lovers (1986)

Babyface - Lovers


  1. You Make Me Feel Brand New
  2. Lovers
  3. Chivalry
  4. I Love You Babe
  5. Mary Mack
  6. Faithful
  7. If We Try
  8. Take Your Time
  9. I Love You Babe (Reprise)

Tender Lover (1989)

Babyface - Tender Lover

Tender Lover

  1. It's No Crime
  2. Tender Lover
  3. Let's Be Romantic
  4. Can't Stop My Heart
  5. My Kinda Girl
  6. Where Will You Go
  7. Whip Appeal
  8. Soon As I Get Home
  9. Given A Chance
  10. Sunshine
  11. Where Will You Go

A Closer Look (1991)

Babyface - A Closer Look

A Closer Look

  1. Mary Mack (3 Boyz From Newark remix)
  2. Two Occasions (live)
  3. I Love You Babe (The Ghostbrothers & Rodney Ascue remix)
  4. Chivalry (The Characters remix)
  5. Lovers (Roger S remix)
  6. It's No Crime (Blaze remix)
  7. Love Saw It (Eric Schilling & Nick Martinelli remix) (featuring Karyn White)
  8. Love Makes Things Happen (Eric Schilling & Nick Martinelli remix) (featuring Pebbles)
  9. My Kinda Girl (James Alfonso & Yvonne Turner remix)
  10. Whip Appeal (Blaze remix)
  11. Lovers (Jazz Lover's mix)

For the Cool in You (1993)

Babyface - For The Cool In You

For the Cool in You

  1. For the Cool in You
  2. Lady, Lady
  3. Never Keeping Secrets
  4. Rock Bottom
  5. And Our Feelings
  6. Saturday
  7. When Can I See You
  8. Illusions
  9. A Bit Old-Fashioned
  10. You Are So Beautiful
  11. I'll Always Love You
  12. Well Alright
  13. For the Cool in You (Quiet Storm Vocal Mix)
  14. When Can I See You (Urban Soul Basement Mix)
  15. For The Cool In You (Midnight Luv Instrumental Mix)

The Day (1996)

Babyface - The Day

The Day

  1. Every Time I Close My Eyes (featuring Mariah Carey and Kenny G)
  2. Talk to Me (featuring Eric Clapton)
  3. I Said I Love You
  4. When Your Body Gets Weak
  5. Simple Days
  6. All Day Thinkin'
  7. Seven Seas
  8. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
  9. How Come, How Long (featuring Stevie Wonder)
  10. This Is for the Lover in You (featuring LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel)
  11. Every Time I Close My Eyes (Timbaland remix) (featuring Mariah Carey and Kenny G)
  12. Every Time I Feel the Groove (Urban Soul Basement mix)
  13. This Is for the Lover in You (Honey Lookin' Laced extended remix) (featuring LL Cool J, Howard Hewett, Jody Watley and Jeffrey Daniel)

MTV Unplugged NYC 1997 (1997)

Babyface - MTV Unplugged NYC 1997

MTV Unplugged NYC 1997

  1. Change the World (featuring Eric Clapton)
  2. Talk to Me (featuring Eric Clapton)
  3. Whip Appeal
  4. Breathe Again (featuring Shanice Wilson)
  5. Exhale (Shoop Shoop) (featuring Beverly Crowder)
  6. I'll Make Love to You
  7. End of the Road
  8. I Care About You (featuring K‐Ci & JoJo and Kevon Edmonds)
  9. The Day (That You Gave Me a Son)
  10. Gone Too Soon (featuring Stevie Wonder)
  11. How Come, How Long (featuring Stevie Wonder)

Christmas With Babyface (1998)

Babyface - Christmas With Babyface

Christmas With Babyface

  1. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  2. Winter Wonderland
  3. The Christmas Song
  4. White Christmas
  5. The Little Drummer Boy
  6. I'll Be Home For Christmas
  7. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear / The First Noel
  8. Sleigh Ride
  9. Silent Night
  10. You Were There

Face2Face (2001)

Babyface - Face2Face


  1. Outside In/Inside Out
  2. There She Goes
  3. What If
  4. Stressed Out
  5. Baby's Mama (featuring Snoop Dogg)
  6. How Can U Be Down
  7. Work It Out
  8. I Keep Callin'
  9. With Him
  10. Wish U Was My Girl
  11. U Should Know
  12. Don't Take It So Personal
  13. Still in Love With U
  14. Lover and Friend

Grown & Sexy (2005)

Babyface - Grown & Sexy

Grown & Sexy

  1. Tonight It's Goin' Down
  2. Grown & Sexy
  3. Mad, Sexy, Cool
  4. Can't Stop Now
  5. Goin' Outta Business
  6. Drama, Love & 'Lationships
  7. Sorry for the Stupid Things
  8. Good to Be in Love
  9. The Loneliness
  10. She
  11. God Must Love U
  12. The Gettin' to Know U
  13. She's International

Playlist (2007)

Babyface - Playlist


  1. Shower the People
  2. Fire and Rain
  3. Not Going Nowhere
  4. Time in a Bottle
  5. Wonderful Tonight
  6. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
  7. Longer
  8. The Soldier Song
  9. Please Come to Boston
  10. Diary

Love, Marriage & Divorce (2014)

Toni Braxton & Babyface - Love, Marriage & Divorce

Love, Marriage & Divorce

  1. Roller Coaster
  2. Sweat
  3. Hurt You
  4. Where Did We Go Wrong?
  5. I Hope That You're Okay
  6. I Wish
  7. Take It Back
  8. Reunited
  9. I'd Rather Be Broke
  10. Heart Attack
  11. The D Word

Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Songs Featuring Babyface

Other Songs

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  1. Always Be My Sunshine
  2. Drama Love And 'Lationships
  3. Flashback
  4. God Must Love You
  5. How Can You Be Down
  6. I Don't Understand
  7. Letter In My Post Box
  8. Love Song
  9. Miss Know It All
  10. Missin' You (It Will Break My Heart)
  11. One Good Thing
  12. Reason For Breathing
  13. Red Dress
  14. Sonn As I Get Home
  15. Still My Boo
  16. Sugar Bear
  17. There See Goes
  18. Tonight It's Goin Down
  19. Tonight
  20. Treat You Right
  21. When Men Grow Old
  22. Where Is My Love?
  23. Wish That I Could Tell You
  24. You Know What I'm Saying
  25. Evergreen
  26. Lost Inside Of You

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