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Savage Dreams (2001)

Baby Bash - Savage Dreams

Savage Dreams

  1. Hoo Doo
  2. Quarterback (featuring Mr. Kee)
  3. How Quick
  4. N.R.G. (featuring SPM and Rasheed)
  5. Nice To Meet Ya
  6. Too Many Things (featuring Grimm)
  7. Who Wanna Creep
  8. Na Na Tonight
  9. Blowin' On Fire
  10. Brain (featuring Lucky)
  11. So Pronto (featuring Grimm, SPM and Rasheed)
  12. Already (featuring Traviesio)
  13. Cool Tonight (featuring Merciless)
  14. Styrofoam Cup (featuring Grimm, Ikeman and Villain)
  15. Woo Woo
  16. Crossing Game (featuring Frost, Jay Tee, Sneak and BR)
  17. Whupanigga (featuring Dum Dum)
  18. If Your NaNa Get Wet
  19. Come On Now (featuring Don Cisco)

On tha Cool (2002)

Baby Bash - On Tha Cool

On tha Cool

  1. Intro (Aw Naw)
  2. Feeling Me (featuring Russ Lee)
  3. Vamanos (featuring Jay Tee and Merciless)
  4. On Tha Cool (featuring DJ Kane)
  5. They Don't Even Know (featuring Jay Tee and Don Cisco)
  6. Posted Up
  7. Woy Oy (featuring Rasheed)
  8. Dime Piece (featuring Russ Lee)
  9. Too Many Things
  10. Short Skirts (featuring SPM)
  11. Hydro Luv (featuring Russ Lee)
  12. Yesterday
  13. On Da Go (featuring Ayana)
  14. Head Hunta (featuring Powda and Tony Montana)
  15. Early In Da Morning (featuring Mario Ayala)
  16. In Motion (featuring Mr. Shadow)

Tha Smokin' Nephew (2003)

Baby Bash - Tha Smokin' Nephew

Tha Smokin' Nephew

  1. Suga Suga (featuring Frankie J)
  2. Yeh Suh! (featuring Max Minelli)
  3. Weed Hand (featuring Grimm and Lucky Luciano)
  4. Shorty Doowop (featuring Russsell Lee and Perla Cruz)
  5. On Tha Curb
  6. Sexy Eyes (Da Da Da Da) (featuring Russ Lee)
  7. Image Of Pimp (featuring Oral Bee)
  8. Early In The Morning
  9. Feeling Me (featuring Russ Lee)
  10. Oh Wow (featuring Merciless and Happy Perez)
  11. Changed My Life (featuring Grimm)
  12. Stay Perkin' (featuring Angel Dust, Chingo Bling and Doom)
  13. Pollution (featuring Russ Lee and Rasheed)
  14. Menage A Trois (featuring Frankie J and Powda)
  15. Tha Chop (featuring A-Wax and Jay Tee)
  16. Don't Disrespect My Mind (featuring Low G)
  17. Suga Suga (Remix) (featuring Major Riley)

Menage a Trois (2004)

Baby Bash - Menage A Trois

Menage a Trois

  1. Menage A Trois (featuring Shadow, Dont Cisco and Frankie J)
  2. Hot Zone (featuring Frost, Nino Brown and Frankie J)
  3. Esquina (featuring Frost, Mr. Gee, Lawless and Don Cisco)
  4. My Side Of Town (Chopped & Screwed) (featuring Uchie, Lucky, Latin Embassy, I-35, Eternal and Esc Loc)
  5. Cuidado (featuring Rasheed, Juan Gotti and Raw-B)
  6. Choppers & Copters| (featuring Lil One and Killa Nine)
  7. Dime Piece (featuring Russ Lee)
  8. Doe Doe Raps (featuring True Breed and Killa Nine)
  9. Short Skirts (featuring South Park Mexican)
  10. On Da Go (featuring Ayana)
  11. Crazy Love (featuring Don Cisco and Frost)
  12. Come On Now (featuring Don Cisco and Rasheed)
  13. Head Hunta (featuring Powda and Tony Montana)
  14. N.R.G. (featuring SPM and Rasheed)
  15. Who Wanna Creep (featuring Latino Velvet)
  16. Nana Tonight (featuring Ayana)
  17. If Your NaNa Get Wet (featuring South Park Mexican, Grimm and Rasheed)
  18. Quarterback (featuring Mr. Kee)
  19. Space City (featuring Tow Down and Lucky Luciano)
  20. On The Cool (featuring DJ Kane and Drew)

Super Saucy (2005)

Baby Bash - Super Saucy

Super Saucy

  1. Baby I'm Back (featuring Akon)
  2. Super Saucy (featuring Avant)
  3. That's My Lady (Money) (featuring Nate Dogg)
  4. Throwed Off (featuring Paul Wall and Natalie)
  5. Trees (featuring Pitbull and Angel Dust)
  6. Who Wit Me
  7. No Way Jose (featuring Akon)
  8. Keep It 100 (featuring E-40)
  9. Step In Da Club (featuring Rasheed, Lucky Luciano and Grimm)
  10. That's What The Pimpin There For (featuring Suga Free, Money Mike and Chingo Bling)
  11. Bubbalicious (featuring Natalie)
  12. Better Than I Can Tell You (featuring Richie Rich and A-Wax)
  13. Hennesey (featuring Mac Dre, Jay Tee and Miami The Most)
  14. Outro (featuring Butch Cassidy, Don Cisco, Nino Brown, Russ Lee and Mr. Kee)
  15. Obsession

Cyclone (2007)

Baby Bash - Cyclone


  1. Numero Uno (featuring Kookie and Bobby Bland)
  2. Cyclone (featuring T-Pain)
  3. Supa Chic (featuring Paula DeAnda)
  4. Just Like That (featuring Play-n-Skillz)
  5. What Is It (featuring Sean Kingston)
  6. Mamacita (featuring Marcos Hernandez)
  7. Dip With You (featuring Aundrea Fimbres)
  8. Spreewells Spinnin' (featuring Queenie, Chingo Bling, Lucky and Play-n-Skillz)
  9. As Days Go By (The Love Letter) (featuring Paula DeAnda)
  10. Na Na (The Yummy Song) (featuring Casely)
  11. Thrill Is Gone (featuring Ryan Tedder)
  12. Don't Stop (featuring Keith Sweat)
  13. Mean Mug (featuring Pimp C, Mistah F.A.B. and Da Stooie Bros.)
  14. Ronnie Rey All Day...Choppin' It Up (Interview)

Bashtown (2011)

Baby Bash - Bashtown


  1. Intro
  2. Swanananana
  3. Go Girl
  4. Hit Me (BBM Me) If You Miss Me
  5. Kick Rocks
  6. Body Moves Slow
  7. Don't Mess With Texas
  8. Woyyoy
  9. Beast In The Bedroom
  10. Good For My Money
  11. Roller Coaster Ride
  12. Head Hunta
  13. Hope I Don't Violate
  14. Buttakup
  15. Fantasy Girl
  16. Buttakup (Remix)

Other Songs

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  1. Do You (The Voicemail)
  2. Rollercoaster
  3. Anything Goes
  4. Crazy For You
  5. Doing Too Much
  6. Energy
  7. Eye Candy
  8. Follow My Lead
  9. Girls Gone Wild
  10. Go Girl Remix
  11. Hoggin' And Doggin'
  12. Hola/Holla
  13. Hubba Hubba
  14. If Your Na Na Get Wet
  15. In Hillwood
  16. Just Because
  17. Leavin' (Remix)
  18. Million Dollar Mexican
  19. Nouveau Voyage (C'est La Vie)
  20. Obsesion (No Es Amor)
  21. Obsesion (Si Es Amor)
  22. Outta Control
  23. That's How I Go
  24. You've Got A Friend
  25. Hola/Holla

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