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Ima (1995)

BT Ima


Disc One
  1. Nocturnal Transmission
  2. Quark
  3. Tripping the Light Fantastic
  4. Embracing The Future
  5. Deeper Sunshine
  6. Loving You More (BT's Garden of Ima Dub)
  7. Loving You More (BT's Final Spiritual Journey)
  8. Poseidon
  9. Embracing the Sunshine
Disc Two
  1. Blue Skies (featuring Tori Amos)
  2. Blue Skies (The Delphinium Ways Mix) (featuring Tori Amos)
  3. Sasha's Voyage of Ima
  4. Divinity

ESCM (1997)


ESCM (UK Edition)

US Edition
  1. Firewater
  2. Orbitus Teranium
  3. Flaming June (featuring Paul Van Dyk)
  4. Lullaby for Gaia (featuring Jan Johnston)
  5. Memories in a Sea of Forgetfulness
  6. Solar Plexus
  7. Nectar
  8. Remember (featuring Jan Johnston)
  9. Love, Peace and Grease
  10. Content
  11. Flaming June (Simon Hale's Orchestral Performance) (hidden track)
UK Edition
  1. Firewater
  2. Orbitus Teranium
  3. Flaming June
  4. The Road to Lostwithiel
  5. Memories in a Sea of Forgetfulness
  6. Solar Plexus
  7. Nectar
  8. Remember
  9. Love, Peace and Grease
  10. Content
  11. Flaming June (Simon Hale's Orchestral Performance) (hidden track)

Movement In Still Life (1999)

UK Edition

Movement In Still Life (UK Edition)

  1. Movement in Still Life
  2. Ride
  3. Madskillz-Mic Chekka (featuring Planet Asia)
  4. The Hip Hop Phenomenon
  5. Mercury and Solace (featuring Jan Johnston)
  6. Dreaming (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
  7. Giving Up the Ghost (featuring DJ Rap)
  8. Godspeed
  9. Namistai (featuring Paul Van Dyk)
  10. Running Down the Way Up (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
  11. Satellite
Bonus disc on 2000 UK Limited Edition
  1. Never Gonna Come Back Down (featuring Mike Doughty)
  2. The Fibonacci Sequence
  3. Godspeed (Hybrid Mix)
  4. Mercury And Solace (Mark Shimmon Mix)
  5. Dreaming (Evolution Mix)
  6. Dreaming (Libra Mix)
  7. Namistai (Extended Version)
US Edition (2000)

Movement In Still Life (US Edition)

  1. Madskillz-Mic Chekka
  2. Never Gonna Come Back Down
  3. Dreaming
  4. Shame
  5. Movement in Still Life
  6. Satellite
  7. Godspeed
  8. Running Down The Way Up
  9. Mercury and Solace
  10. Smartbomb
  11. Love on Haight Street (featuring Fifty Grand)

Emotional Technology (2003)


Emotional Technology

  1. The Meeting of a Hundred Yang
  2. Knowledge of Self (featuring Guru)
  3. Superfabulous (featuring Rose McGowan)
  4. Somnambulist
  5. The Force of Gravity (featuring JC Chasez)
  6. Dark Heart Dawning
  7. The Great Escape (featuring Caroline Lavelle)
  8. PARIS
  9. Circles
  10. The Last Moment of Clarity (featuring Karina Ware)
  11. Communicate (featuring Jan Johnston)
  12. Animals
  13. The Only Constant Is Change
Bonus disk on 2004 release:
BT - Emotional Technology 2004

2004 release

  1. Kimosabe (featuring Wildchild)
  2. Tao of the Machine (featuring The Roots)
  3. Love in the Time of Thieves (featuring Tamra Keenan)
  4. The Revolution
  5. Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist) (Junkie XL Vocal Mix)
  6. Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist) (Sander Kleinenberg Convertible Mix)
  7. Simply Being Loved (Somnambulist) (Burufunk Remix)
  8. The Great Escape (Attention Deficit Mix)
  9. The Force of Gravity (Dylan Rhymes Push Up Mix)
  10. The Force of Gravity (Tiësto Remix)

This Binary Universe (2006)


This Binary Universe

  1. All That Makes Us Human Continues
  2. Dynamic Symmetry
  3. The Internal Locus
  4. 1.618
  5. See You on the Other Side
  6. The Antikythera Mechanism
  7. Good Morning Kaia

These Hopeful Machines (2010)

BT - These Hopeful Machines

These Hopeful Machines

Disc One
  1. Suddenly (featuring Christian Burns)
  2. The Emergency
  3. Every Other Way (featuring Jes)
  4. The Light In Things (featuring Jes)
  5. Rose of Jericho
  6. Forget Me
Disc Two
  1. A Million Stars (featuring Kirsty Hawkshaw)
  2. Love Can Kill You
  3. Always (featuring Rob Dickinson)
  4. Le Nocturne De Lumiere
  5. The Unbreakable (featuring Rob Dickinson)
  6. The Ghost In You (cover of "The Ghost in You" by The Psychedelic Furs)

If the Stars are Eternal So are You and I (2012)

If the Stars are Eternal So are You and I (cover)

If the Stars are Eternal So are You and I

  1. 13 Angels on My Broken Windowsill
  2. Go(d)t
  3. Hymn(808)
  4. Seven-Hundred-Thirty-Nine
  5. Hikari
  6. Our Dark Garden
  7. The Gathering Darkness

Morceau Subrosa (2012)

Morceau Subrosa cover

Morceau Subrosa

  1. Morceau Subrosa

A Song Across Wires (2013)

BT - A Song Across Wires

A Song Across Wires

  1. Skylarking
  2. Letting Go (featuring Jes and Fractal (USA))
  3. Tomahawk (featuring Adam K)
  4. City Life (featuring Bada, Au5 and Fractal (USA))
  5. Stem the Tides (featuring tyDi and Tania Zygar)
  6. Tonight (featuring tyDi and Jes)
  7. Love Divine (featuring Stefan Dabruck and Christian Burns)
  8. Surrounded (featuring Au5 and Aqualung)
  9. Vervoeren
  10. Calling Your Name (featuring Tritonal and Emma Hewitt)
  11. Must Be the Love (featuring Arty and Nadia Ali)
  12. Lifeline (featuring Senadee, Dragon (USA) and Jontron)
Deluxe Edition Release
  1. Skylarking (Maor Levi Radio Edit)
  2. Must Be the Love (Dannic Radio Edit) (featuring Arty and Nadia Ali)
  3. Letting Go (Antillas & Dankann Radio Edit) (featuring Jes and Fractal (USA))
  4. Surrounded (Super8 & Tab Radio Edit) (featuring Au5 and Aqualung)
  5. Skylarking (Ilan Bluestone Radio Edit)
  6. Must Be the Love (Shogun Radio Edit) (featuring Arty and Nadia Ali)
  7. Letting Go (LTN Radio Edit) (featuring Jes and Fractal (USA))
  8. Surrounded (Tony Awake Radio Edit) (featuring Au5 and Aqualung)
  9. Lifeline (Ashley Wallbridge Radio Edit) (featuring Senadee, Dragon (USA) and Jontron)

_ (2016)

BT -


iTunes album
  1. Artifacture: I. Adagietto Granulare
  2. Artifacture: II. Nostra Luna di Miele
  3. Artifacture: III. Guidati dalla Luce
  4. Artifacture: IV. La Caduta con Moto
  5. Artifacture: V. La Vita Sotto il Mare
  6. Artifacture: VI. Niente di Tutto Qualcosa
  7. Artifacture: VII. Rocambolesco in una Città di Notte
  8. Artifacture: VIII. Un Nuovo Contesto
  9. Artifacture: IX. Mancando Nobilmente
  10. Indivisim: I. Trasformata di Fourier Veloce
  11. Indivisim: II. Fette di Basso Ostinato
  12. Indivisim: III. Decomposizione di Tempo
  13. Indivisim: IV. Uno ad Uno i Controcanti Parlano
  14. Indivisim: V. Immobilità in Movimento
  15. Indivisim: VI. Variante di Frammenti di Basso
  16. Indivisim: VII. Dalla Forma al Senza Forma
  17. Ω: I. La Nascita di Diventare
  18. Ω: II. Evoluzione di Nuove Forme
  19. Ω: III. Da metà tempo a Tempo Pieno
  20. Ω: IV. Melodie che si Ergono Come Onde
  21. Ω: V. il Tema Soarning
  22. Ω: VI. Staccando gli Strati
  23. Ω: VII. Filatura Funzioni di Trasferimento Relative a Testa
  24. Ω: VIII. il Movimento Invertito
  25. Ω: IX. Meriggiare una Matrice di Musica Modulare
Physical album
  1. Tokyo
  2. The Code of Hammurabi
  3. Lustral
  4. Found in Translation
  5. Artifacture
  6. Indivisim
  7. Ω
  8. Chromatophore
  9. Five Hundred and Eighty Two

Other Songs

The songs listed below should be split into albums. (more information)
  1. Beta (3AM Mix)
  2. Entropy (as GTB)
  3. Far From Goodbye (Later My Love)
  4. Feed the Monster (featuring Charlotte Martin) (remixed by Blue Stahli)
  5. Fight Club Remix
  6. Flesh (Tilts Going Home Mix)
  7. Flesh (featuring Jan Johnston)
  8. Four
  9. Intro to Movement in Still Life
  10. Intro
  11. Keep Hope Alive
  12. Kotex (as GTB)
  13. Lemon Balm and Chamomile
  14. Loving You More
  15. Never Gonna Come Back Down (Hybrid's Breaktek Mix)
  16. Not Over Yet (BT's Peyote Dub)
  17. Paralyzed
  18. Seleau (as Dharma)
  19. Shineaway
  20. Simply Being Loved
  21. Smartbomb (BT's Mix)
  22. Somnambulist / Simply Being Loved
  23. Sunblind
  24. The Dream (as Prana)
  25. The Fast and the Furious Theme
  26. The Neotic (featuring Matt Fax)
  27. The Promethean Groove (as Kaistar)
  28. The Upside Down
  29. Theme for an Untitled Film
  30. These Silent Hearts
  31. Tokyo Mater
  32. Transway (as Dharma)
  33. Yahweh
  34. The Enemy
  35. Tao of the Machine

Additional information

Artist information:

  • b.1970
  • Occupation: Producer, composer, singer
  • Instruments: bass, guitar, keyboards, drum machine

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