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Pay Here to Click (2006)

BSOD - Pay Here to Click

Pay Here to Click

  1. Lollercoaster (Outright Hilarious mix)
  2. Lollercoaster (Kinda Funny mix)
  3. Echoes
  4. Roflcopter
  5. Oblique
  6. Less Oblique
  7. Push It Harder
  8. Push It Harder (instrumental mix)
  9. A Bit Sketchy
  10. Saws & Squares
  11. Bitches

This is the Hook (2006)

  1. This is the Hook
  2. This is also the Hook
  3. This is the Hook (Instrumental)

Other Songs

  1. Last Life

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Jargon: Blue Screen of Death Wikipedia16, Intent: Better Sounding on Drugs

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2005 - present

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