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Vividly Victorious

This song is by B.U.B.S..

Okay, "Back To The Start", disillusioned with "Amerikhastan"
And it's policy of "Youthanasia",
I reasoned that the government's
Actions will force our eyes
To be "Black Curtains",
For the theatrical spectacle around us
Will surely and swiftly
Bring about our demise.

After "Washington Is Next!", the impact of the world's hemisphere
Will propel us to be "Burnt Offerings"
To Heaven and Hell respectively.

I've avoided an "Architecture Of Aggression",
Survived a "Symphony Of
Escaped from the killer android "Psychotron",
I am a "Victory".

I've had the nerves to "Enter The Arena",
Play "No More Mr. Nice Guy" and "Crush 'em!"
By kicking lots of ass with "These Boots".
I am definitely and
Most infinitely
A victory.

Seniors tell me to "Never Walk Alone" but how can I
When I'm a "Sleepwalker" suffering from "Insomnia"?
How can anyone sleep with the ghastly going-ons of the
"United Abominations" and their
"Gears Of War"?
The very essence of my being has always been about
"Dread and the Fugitive Mind".

Before the "New World Order" "Return To Hangar" 18
With their "Strange Ways", they need to look at the real alien
That's inherent in "My Creation".
This exhibits "The Evil That's Within" me.

We are living in a "Millennium Of The Blind"
Where the "Shadows Of Death" are looming
Ever so near over our heads.

Wanderers, everywhere, accuse me of being "Paranoid"
And having "Problems" but "The System Has Failed" for sure.
For many, congress and state legislatures in every region and nation
Will surely subject civilization to "Capitol Punishment".

As if capital punishment wasn't enough already.
Before I become the "Next Victim" of the "Mastermind"
And "The Disintegrators",
I've decided "I'll Get Even" with a "Bullprick" of a parole officer
By the name of Jack.

"I Know Jack" way "Back In The Day", a time "Of Mice and Men".
He supplied me the "Recipe For Hate... Warhouse" "That One Night"
And treacherously subjected me to "The Scorpion"
And the horrors of a seemingly innocent "Black Swan".

There's "One Thing" on my mind and that's "Take No Prisoners"
Without getting imprisoned, crying out "My Last Words"
Whilst getting sentenced to execution on "Devil's Island".

After "School's Out", I drove past a "Breadline" of beggars
And a protest rally organized by "FFF"
To pick up my teenage delinquent
Friend - a purse thief
With the subtle name of "Grabbag".

The intention of the pick-up was to drive by to the "Mechanics"
Since I promised his sister "Mary Jane", "I'll Be There".
She knew I was someone to "Trust" and that I was
Someone who's more than "Almost Honest".

My thief of a friend precipitately decides to depart
To become a loner with the parting words "Have Cool, Will Travel",
This allowed me and my gal to retreat to "A Secret Place".

She suddenly dumped me which hit me hard like "A 1000 Times
Goodbye". Guess she decided to "Use The Man", huh?!
Seems like everyone is "Burning Bridges" with me recently.

"Truth Be Told", the "Cryptic Writings" were on the wall,
Informing me of the dangers and the "Risk" I had to take to
Vanquish them.

Maybe a scientist can cure depression if I were
To place my "Tears In A Vial".
After trying to off myself, I found myself thinking
How could I be "Still Alive... and Well?".
Why can't I "Die Dead Enough"? Suicidal is "Something That I'm Not".

Maybe that's it?!

I have taken lots of "Ecstasy", been notified, dozens of times,
"The Doctor Is Calling" and assumed "Poison Was The Cure".
I have persevered against an ever-consuming "Vortex" of trouble,
I am a victory.

Even when almost being hung as I convince someone to "Kick The Chair",
I am a victory.
I have rode tidal waves of triumph and trial,
I am most certainly a victory.

My spirit wouldn't allow me to be engulfed by a "Quicksand" of mental
Deterioration and social decay.
Nothing could kill me.

Not an "American Assault", any "Suicide Solution" or a "Polaris".
Nothing. Not even "Stepford Wives on Speed" or a "She-Wolf".

A dose of metal courtesy of the world's state of the art metal band
Was what I needed for my daily serum.
I was invincible. A symphony of the paranoid could never dissuade me.

I obtained killing power. I'd "Play For Blood". This was my fate.
I'd live for thrills. I'd kill for thrills. Goodbye to rules. They're for mules.
Fear is what I ate. Tears and sweat of others were to be my shower.

To feed my "Wanderlust", I was driving so quickly to abscond being
Spotted by the "Dawn Patrol", be given a "502" and receive
"The Punishment Due".
Without a moment's glimpse to notice, I caused some major
"High Speed Dirt". I'm thinking to myself "So Far, So Good... So What!"

Of course, all good things come to an end. So after a sharp bend
Around the curve, I was thrown "Out On The Tiles" next to some
"Burnt Ice", with the irony being that I was thrown "Into The Lungs
Of Hell" and told "You're Dead". Death "Set Me Free".

I was condemned to Hell for being a "Liar", not living up to "Promises",
Being "Addicted To Chaos" and acting like a "Moto Psycho".

Then to top things off, I was proven to be notorious for doing every
"Sin" of the infamous "Seven" and tarnishing my "Family Tree".
All this because I was subjecting myself to "The Killing Road"
And "I Thought I Knew It All".

At first, I thought I was "Losing My Senses" or suffering as a result of
"Sweating Bullets" but when the "Prince Of Darkness" observed me
With "Silent Scorn", I knew that I was in for a "Rude Awakening".

I knew that I was going to pay for "The Bodies Left Behind" and I
Couldn't afford to be "Angry Again" or I'd go through more than
"99 Ways To Die" courtesy of Pinhead and his cohort "Rattlehead".

With cries of pain and laughter of humiliation filling the caves,
I was a misery.
With blood ornamenting lost souls and grim despair permeating the air,
I was utmostly a misery.

It seemed like Lucifer's masterplan was to "Blackmail The Universe",
Anoint the "Chosen Ones" and appoint the "Crown Of Worms" to our
Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ, with the cheeky quip of
"My Kingdom Come" - assuring me he'd "Kill The King".

He apprised me that the Satanic domination of existence, as we know it,
Lays in between two stages of time...
"Time: The Beginning" and "Time: The End".
Like Mustaine being fired from Metallica, the dark one vowed vengeance.

He asserted that the posthumous line he would deliver to God,
After his death, would be on the lines of leaving "Ashes In Your Mouth".

My "Train Of Consequences" had caught up with me
And the day I entered Hades was to be my "Reckoning Day".
I never even had the chance to say "A Tout Le Monde" to what
Remained of my friends and family.

I pulled myself together and came to the conclusion that
"The World Needs A Hero".

The help of a master of "Five Magics", I managed to "Disconnect"
From the unsavoury pit of the spiritual dimension, prove myself with
"Blood and Honour", won the spiritual legal system
And earned God's favour of "Blessed Are The Dead".

I exceeded my "Breakpoint", managed to "Go To Hell",
I retained "Captive Honour".
I am undeniably a victory.
God had awarded me with "Diadems", I viewed the "Elysian Fields",
I was rewarded with "Absolution".
I am undoubtedly a victory.

I've shown all my "Hidden Treasures", I'm "Coming Home",
It's only a matter of "When".
I am indubitably a victory.

Please, God, "Set Me Free",
I am more than a victory.

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