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Friends gather under the light to laugh and have fun.
But surely it's impossible for two people to completely understand each other

People are creatures that live their own life
We mustn't forget about that

In this town where everybody's walking alone,
If I could meet you one day, that would be a wonderful incident
This is my lonely town under the moonlight

We consider people crude when they don't pay close attention to delicate feelings.
But surely that person is hiding the same feelings under his smile.

Everyone has a time when they can no longer bear to be alone.
It's dull feelings different from painful love
that overflow my lonely town.

Touching my wandering heart

I somehow find that I can be in sympathy with someone, and then barely feel the same

In this town where everybody's walking alone, we all are having different dreams
Looking for another side of ourselves secretly so that we don't have to hide anything

If I can't stay here forever, let's just get away from here and travel
But I will be back here someday cause I can't dislike my lonely town
Touching my wandering heart