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I hurt you and made you cry a lot
Now I can't get to sleep
Even though I regret it, I'd do it again
What should I do? I feel so worthless

"Thank you" (Thank you very much)
For so many things
I just wonder why... (Please understand me)
We can't talk in better moods?

Just one word going unsaid
Looks like it might just destroy everything
They aren't all weak points, right?
Now, I've found our home

Before you call it "betrayal"...
Take a deep breath
Saying, "I'm teasing you"
That's not what I would call a clear answer

Desires roll around... (Rolling round and round)
Just like marbles
When I look in the mirror... (Alakazam!)
I can't even see fragments of my confidence
I see only a dark face

I chased it, couldn't catch it, and forgot it
Everything seemed ready to burst
These aren't all just fleeting thoughts, are they?
Now, I've found my home

Just a little bit more until I reach your house
I'll climb the hill, and pass by the clouds
Don't say "goodbye" so quickly
If you say goodbye, what is it that will happen to me?

Just one word going unsaid
Just one smile being forgotten
Because of such small slips...
Are we really going to give up everything?
Being loved isn't all there is to it, right?
Now, I've found our home
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