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This song is by Azrael-II and appears on the album D.O.S. (Deadly Operating System) (2014).

A: I heard a story once that years ago a powerful creature was buried here after terrorizing the people of this town relentlessly

B: No way!

A: Yeah! A scary skeletal demon

B: Sounds like a hoax to me...

A: You don't believe it?

B: It's a stupid story! A skeletal demon? It's ridiculous

A: We'll see about that. I have an ancient incantation to bring it back!

B: What? it might be fake but you know better than to mess around with stuff like that!

A: Well, it certainly can't hurt if it's such a stupid and fake story, right?

We call upon you, ancient creature, to rise. We call upon you to spread darkness. We call upon the earth to give you its energy and birth you once more! We call upon the spirit of every living being on this planet to feed you its power so that you may reign once again! So that you may become the new god. Rise! Rise! Rise!

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