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Portals of Grace (2002)

Azam Ali - Portals of Grace

Portals of Grace

  1. Lasse Pour Quoi
  2. La Serena
  3. Breton Medley
  4. O Felix
  5. Ben Pode Santa Maria
  6. O Quanta Qualia
  7. Sackpipslät
  8. Aj Ondas
  9. A Chantar M'er
  10. Inna-I-Malak
  11. El Rey De Francia

Elysium for the Brave (2006)

Azam Ali - Elysium for the Brave

Elysium for the Brave

  1. Endless Reverie
  2. Spring Arrives
  3. In Other Worlds
  4. Abode
  5. Forty One Ways
  6. The Tryst
  7. From Heaven To Dust
  8. I Am A Stranger In This World
  9. In This Divide

From Night to the Edge of Day (2011)

Azam Ali - From Night to the Edge of Day

From Night to the Edge of Day

  1. Noor (The Light in My Eyes)
  2. Dandini
  3. Nami Nami
  4. Neni Desem
  5. Shirin
  6. Mehman (The Guest)
  7. Faith
  8. Tenderness
  9. Lai Lai
  10. Faith (Reprise)

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Artist information:

  • b.1970
  • Instruments: Hammered Dulcimer, Frame Drum, Riqq, Zils, Chan Chan, Daf, Tanpura, Psaltery, Bendir

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Azam Ali is a performance name for اعظم علی (Azam Ali).

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Azam Ali was a member of:

  • Vas -1997-2004

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