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Album by Ayria.
CD1 - Plastic Makes Perfect:
  1. Hunger
  2. Big Plans
  3. All That Glitters
  4. Games
  5. Plastic Makes Perfect
  6. Missed The Mark
  7. The Box Under My Bed
  8. Friends And Enemies
  9. Three Months
  10. Big City Lullaby
  11. The New Style Of Riot
  12. Letter From An Angel
CD2 - Plastic Makes Perfect - L.E.:
  1. Missed The Mark (PROJECT PITCHFORK mix)
  2. Plastic Makes Perfect (KOMOR KOMMANDO's imperfection mix)
  3. Games (ROTERSAND mix)
  4. Three Months (HELL:SECTOR mix)
  5. Plastic Makes Perfect (Daniel B. PROTHESE mix)
  6. Games (AAIMON mix)
  7. Big City Lullaby (PAX SONO mix)
  8. Hunger (DIMENSION FLUX mix)
  9. Missed The Mark (PSY'AVIAH mix)
  10. All That Glitters (GNY mix)
  11. Missed The Mark (JUNKSISTA mix)
  12. All That Glitters (V01D mix)
  13. Big City Lullaby (ENCEPHALON mix)
CD3 - Pretty Plastic Mess:
  1. Friends And Enemies (ROTERSAND mix)
  2. Plastic Makes Perfect (ARMAGEDDON DILDOS mix)
  3. Big City Lullaby (ESSENCE OF MIND mix)
  4. Games (IMPLANT mix)
  5. Hunger (DESDEMONA mix)
  6. Missed The Mark (INTERFACE mix)
  7. Plastic Makes Perfect (AD:KEY mix)
  8. Missed The Mark (EVEN MORE mix)
  9. Hunger (ACYLUM mix)
  10. Missed The Mark (INERTIA mix)
  11. Big City Lullaby (AESTHETISCHE mix)
  12. All That Glitters (CERVELLO ELETTRONICO mix)

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