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Compilation by various artists.
Disc 1
  1. Delight by Solitary Experiments
  2. Spirits Of Crime (Murder Mix by Spetsnaz) by Hocico
  3. Versatile Violence (Club Mix) by Analogue Brain
  4. Ninive (Sero Overdose Remix) by Tristesse De La Lune
  5. That Perfect Body (Flawless Mix) by Spetsnaz
  6. This Is My Rifle (AK47 Mix by Controlled Collapse) by Combichrist
  7. Corpses Symphony (Mutilated Body Mix) by Amduscia
  8. Prophecy by Pyriel
  9. Gott by Cephalgy
  10. Go To Hell (Forever Lost Remix) by Blutengel
  11. Systems (Flux Version) by Angels & Agony
  12. Tomorrow (Edit) by Necessary Response
  13. Shelter (Analogue Brain Edit) by Icon Of Coil
  14. Creation Crucifixion (ATM Edit) by Din (A) Tod
  15. Face 2 Face (Frontal) by Snow In China
  16. Never (Short Version) by Accessory
  17. Running (Clubversion) by Agonoize
Disc 1 (Limited Edition)
  1. The Source (ATM Edit) by God Module
  2. The Analyst (Desert Storm Remix) by Culture Kultür
  3. What's It All About? (Denkpause Mix by Fake Baba) by Tumor
  4. Reaxxxion by Dulce Liquido
  5. Surface (Pneumatic Detach Remix) by Aesthetic Perfection
  6. Birth Of A Nation (Rebirth Mix) by Decoded Feedback
  7. Injustice (Dark Club Mix) by Terminal Choice
  8. Mein Herz (Heartbreaker Remix Von Blutengel) by Staubkind
  9. Just You Wait by UnterART
  10. Cage Of Love by TrümmerWelten
  11. Judgement Throne by Destroid
  12. Identitat by Proceed
  13. We Are The Renegades Of Noize by Haujobb vs. This Morn' Omina
  14. Synapsenbrecher (13th Monkey Remix) by KiEw
  15. Hard Step Future Force by The Horrorist

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