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Album by Aviators.
Aviators - From All Sides (Deluxe Version)

From All Sides (Deluxe Version)

  1. Synthesia
  2. Shadows (featuring Glaze)
  3. From All Sides (featuring Bronyfied)
  4. Constellations
  5. More Than Meets The Eye
  6. Far From Me
  7. Voices Of The Crowd
  8. Storm
  9. Lights (featuring Feather)
  10. Bring Me Back To Life (featuring Vortex and Yelling At Cats)
  11. Heroes (featuring Bronyfied)
Bonus Tracks on Deluxe Version
  1. Last Words
  2. Voices Of The Crowd (VIP Remix)
  3. From All Sides (VIP Remix)
  4. Lights (Extended Mix) (featuring Feather and Ibeabronyrapper)
  5. Constellations (8 Minute Mix)
  6. Constellations (Acoustic Version) (featuring Matthew Mosier)
  7. Constellations (Cherax Destructor's Ursa Major Remix)
  8. Constellations (Vortex Remix)
  9. Constellations (UnderpΩny Remix)
  10. Monster (JoltMC & Gremlin Remix)
  11. Constellations (Silva Hound Remix)

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