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Who I Am

This song is by Avery Watts and appears on the album The Takeover (2011).

I've spent years on the scene and I've done my time
I was never given anything, I've earned what's mine
I defy all lines, I will not retreat
You can't buy me, I spit right in the face of defeat

This is my class; Top Brass, a bold breed
A caliber conceived, birthed and born to lead
To be the first pick, first string, first in, front line
Screaming into the sky, "The World is Mine!"

I define defiance, represent rebellion
Embody true autonomy, have been through hell
And still do what I choose, been battered and bruised
Yeah I've taken many beatings and gladly paid all my dues
But I refuse to dummy down and follow the herd
I'm gonna say what I believe and stand by my word
See, I've never known the taste of a silver spoon
Never took the blue pill, not to mention I'm immune

Can't be controlled, won't do what I'm told
I'm not a number, a name tag, or fit into a mold
As my story unfolds I will proudly stand
Forever unapologetically; I don't give a damn
This is...

WHO I AM (what I believe)
WHO I AM (with every breath I breathe)
WHO I AM (tried and true)
The only thing to be in this world is you

Substance, with every single syllable I bring
'Cause you can talk all day long and never say a thing
We don't even need the music for me to convey I'm not playing
I'll write it out in Braille, you can feel what I'm saying
That's real

No facade, I will never be part of propped up pop propaganda, fake art
With no heart, no soul, I cannot be sold
I'll be the bright light in a dark mine that's black as coal
Whether I'm mocked, blocked or knocked -- still I'll never stop
Like a rock, as consistent as hands on a clock
You can bet I'm gonna be locked, loaded, ready for a test
I don't walk and talk, I DO better than the best.
No vest on my chest, I'm not afraid to die
I've been blessed, so I live every minute I'm alive
And I take this vow; while I'm here above ground
Never will I ever back up or bow down

When death comes to get me I've got no regrets
I threw it all on the table when I placed my bet
Said it all, did it all, and I'd do it again just so...
So the world will know

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