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The Takeover

This song is by Avery Watts and appears on the album The Takeover (2011).

Cock back the hammer, The Takeover has begun
We're millions strong now all united as one
We compose the whole globe from the east to the west
And if seeing is believing,
You're looking at the best

Patiently wait, anticipating the arrival
Of a crew to lead the whole world through and shine a light
So we can make it through these dark times and spread a new word
For now is the moment
And we will be heard

One Youth, One Nation
One Generation
United like soldiers
We are the takeover

We've been through so many years of tears, sacrifice, and pain
Gave buckets of sweat, drip-dried our last vein
Watched everything we've ever loved forever say goodbye
But instead of killing us,
It brought us to life

We live each day to the fullest now and we choose to make a change
In return our own existence is what we exchange
If we have to give up everything to do something great
We are ready, we are willing,
'Cause this is our fate

We are the...
On your feet

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