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The Core

This song is by Avery Watts and appears on the album The Takeover (2011).

I stand as one of the elite
You cannot cut me from a sheet
I'm free and out of your control
So you can try but you'll
Never take my soul

I do not fit under a thumb
Born ready, now the time has come
Take a look around, I am not alone
So if you're down then
Let it be known

Count me in, no matter where or when
I'm in this until the end

We (WE)
Are (ARE)
All (ALL)
Something more

We (WE)
Are (ARE)
The (THE)
We are The Core

We are united by a code
We walk a narrow winding road
We're more than anything you've got
'Cause we're made of
Everything you're not

We won't be
Try it and you'll get
Do you want some?
Sound off, who's ready for war?

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