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Partisan Deconstruction

This song is by Aversions Crown and appears on the album Servitude (2011).

Dismemberment of our collective cohesion
He vital organs of this machine - exposed and Subject
To torment, exposed and leaderless we deconstruct
Prophecies washed then rebuilt - spill from Your dreams
Putrid fucking vermin, decaying the weakest resolve
Destroyed All resolve. This is your last breath.
Deconstruction in the service of the venerated Overlord.
Your Frail body Twisted and redesigned.
The downfall bringing the birth of the New world.
Society's infrastructure
Crushed and pulled the fuck apart.
I'm burning every Fucking Bridge.
The crown from your head Forever buried in the sands.
Marvel at the creation Of this Instrument of torment,
Born and sculpted From the upheaval of a dying existence
You're Drowning in the mess you have made for yourself
The final paradise of man's Collective Enslavement
Entombed at the bottom of this wasteland.
The final paradise of man's collective enslavement
Dismemberment of our collective Cohesion.
The vital organs of this machine
Exposed and subject to torment
Exposed and Leaderless we Deconstruct.
Inch by inch it will claim you, day by day dissolve your
Strength, you've dug this Grave.
You've dug this fucking grave
Welcome to our wasteland.

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