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New York Stoner

This song is by Avalanch and appears on the album Malefic Time: Apocalypse (2011).

New York stoner

Learn to survive,
Listen up if you wanna make it out alive.

Hold on,
Don't you recognize the ground you are standing on?
This is New York City, no room for love, no chance for pity.

You better watch your step,
Or it might be your last.
Watch your step,
Leave your fears and your weakness in the past.
Only the fittest run this town,
If you slip you will go down.

Only sorrow will dust,
Cover what was lost.
Trust no soul, not even mine.
I could be your god.

Where is the place where I belong?
Who's gonna catch me when I fall?
Take my hand,
How long I must learn?
Take my soul.
To find the strength to carry on.
Take my faith.
How long I must last?
To find my way home.

Shut up and listen,
I was once like you long time ago,
I had faith, I even had love.
Look at my scars, they'll tell you where I've been.
Another one to face (?)
I had time on my hands.

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