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This song is by Automatic.

My ice stay colder than a killers heart, so when I exhale you see smoke
What now y'all niggaz can't breath so let me loosin up the yoke
I must have you shook or something how come when you talk to me you stutter
Claimed you was hard as a rock, but you softer than butter
I keep my foes in arms reach, and never afraid to pull a trigger Another day another doller, so I must lay down another nigga
I stack chips like the world was a pocker game
This is were the flames is
Please try to step to this so we get to see how good my aim is
Look down this is my terf so you better watch were your crossin
One blast will have bodys turning stond cold like Steve Austin
Your cake ain't shit when it comes to my stacks of bread and chips, one punch will have you buggin like a crack head without a fix
My squad always stay keeping niggaz in check
Niggaz know when we roll through to auto-matically hit the deck what you expect
Niggaz is real hard headed when it comes to the bread ice gotta big price that's why they always a step a head

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