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We Were Alive

This song is by Austra and appears on the album Future Politics (2017).

Waking up, got somewhere to go
I'm making sweat fall
Step in line, do it hard enough
To bring your colour back
Got no time to waste
'Cause I'm poor and
If I get something good
I'm gonna take it!
I shouldn't laugh but I feel it
I'm inside-
I am moribund
It's what you want: torpidity
But I sigh
What if we were alive?
He knows
It's true, I believed in nothing before
I've been living in garden, Distant, I was in a fortress
Those thought walls crumbling
And I think I see
How we've been cheated, the lies
It's like we were alive
Doctor, what's the cure for apathy?
It's like we were alive

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