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Extended Play (2013)

Austin Mahone - Austin Mahone

Austin Mahone

  1. Say You're Just a Friend (featuring Flo Rida)
  2. Say Somethin'
  3. Loving You is Easy
  4. 11:11
  5. Heart in My Hand (Piano Version)
  6. Say You're Just a Friend (Piano Version)
  7. Say Somethin' (Instrumental)

The Secret (2014)

Austin Mahone - The Secret

The Secret

  1. Till I Find You
  2. Next To You
  3. Mmm Yeah (featuring Pitbull)
  4. Secret
  5. Can't Fight This Love
  6. All I Ever Need
  7. The One I've Waited For
    Bonus Tracks
  8. Shadow (Acoustic Version)
  9. What About Love
    (Japanese bonus tracks)
  10. U
  11. Mmm Yeah (Jump Smokers Remix) (featuring Pitbull)

This is Not the Album (2015)

Austin Mahone - This is Not the Album

This is Not the Album

  1. Put It On Me (featuring Sage the Gemini)
  2. Same Girl (featuring Kalin and Miles)
  3. Brand New
  4. Do It Right (featuring Rob Villa)
  5. Rollin' (featuring Becky G)
  6. On Your Way
  7. Caught Up
  8. Something So Real
  9. Love You Anyways (featuring Rob Villa)
  10. Red Lights (Remix) (featuring Chris Brown)
  11. What It Do
  12. Deep End
  13. Hate To Let You Go
  14. Apology
  15. Who's Gonna Love You Now
  16. Hold It Against Me
  17. If I Ain't Got You (featuring Kyle Dion)
  18. Not Far
  19. Dirty Work Remix (featuring T-Pain)

Dirty Work - The Album (2017)

Austin Mahone - Dirty Work - The Album

Dirty Work - The Album

  1. Dirty Work
  2. I Don't Believe You
  3. Perfect Beauty (featuring Bobby Biscayne)
  4. Found You
  5. Love At Night (featuring Juicy J)
  6. Pretty and Young
  7. Lady (featuring Pitbull)
  8. Better With You
  9. Double Up
  10. Wait Around
  11. Except For Us
  12. Shake It For Me (featuring 2 Chainz)
  13. Creatures of the Night (with Hardwell)

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  1. Banga! Banga!
  2. Fill Me In (featuring Pia Mia)
  3. Give Me All Of You (featuring Becky G)
  4. Joyride
  5. Places
  6. Say My Name
  7. Send It
  8. Shawty Shawty (featuring Bei Maejor)
  9. Someone Like You
  10. Torture
  11. Waiting For This Love
  12. Why Don't We

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