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Sumthin' Serious

This song is by Audio Club.

- Introduction
Eh... don't make me turn the car around (you streaky)
Do you want it
Do you feel it (it's this)
Oh (yeah yeah yeah)
Jump back it's the rat pack white like an imack take it all the way to iraq in a catalak drum pump go ahead now jump jump put ya head to the speaker now and bump bump feet to the floor hands to the sky bounce beat through the door 16 ounce that's a pound now we bangin' to the sound to the ground from the 52 states to the English pound
S-e-r-i-o-u-s (that's sumthin serious) its sumthin serious x2
I can see ya reali got a crush on me (jus a lil bit) its serious (yeah)
I got a lock on you (jus a lil bit) I can see you really got a crush on me its serious I put that hump on you
Okay... you need to g-r-i-n-d with me (dats sumtin serious) x2
No what let me cut slut fresh out the nut hut ricky don't die I jus took a lil nap what yeah yeah this here be leap beat freak she jus a lil bit streaky big dog lil cats 28s on a car 'n' neva look back 'n' drum pump put ya ear ta da speaker 'n' bump bump

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