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Barracuda Dan

This song is by Audience and appears on the album Lunch (1972).


Do you recall that bank job in 1881?
We lit out 'cross the country, spent a whole year on the run
Not seeing where we went, just looking back the way we come
We didn't see the Sheriff sneak up on us from the front

Hey Barracuda Dan
He was a straight lawman
His teeth were a tombstone's span, no, no
One look and the badmen ran

We had to fight it out there though we knew it were no use
We both knew Barracuda and we knew we had to lose
But better dyin' Dan's way than dyin' in a noose
And swingin' while the people cheered and jeered and spat abuse

You tried to rope his horse and I fired at his head
He caught the bullet in his teeth and spat it in my leg
And bit the lassoo through so's it was you that fell instead
Then Barracuda's face said "hold it, one move and you're dead"

"Now even I can't do all that the law requires me to,"
Said Dan, "I don't believe in hangin', here's what I'll do
I'll take your horses, cash and guns, the rest is up to you"
He left us 'neath the desert sun in 1882

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