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Camera Thief

This song is by Atmosphere and appears on the album Southsiders (2014).

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Camera thief take pictures
Run like the parallel stitches
Attach my feet to the path I beat
Teach myself to keep the answers brief

Gnash my teeth like the last to feast
Imagine me on that abandoned beach
Sand and sea as if the jazz was free
I'm ice cream mixed with gasoline

Direct attention to the craftsmanship
Neglect to mention that the past will stick
Like initials carved in the concrete
Like the tattoo that hides on your mommy

I still kick it with angels
The difference is instead of the bar, I'm at my kitchen table
The starlight shines through the glass
But you feel safe underneath that mask

Ferris wheel, give rides
The scars healed in time to get high
Lock the doors and hide the keys
Let's go describe how to climb a tree

Don't sign the lease just cop a corner
For you to curl up and try to sleep
Those cheap police won't find my wings
I keep my dreams inside my dreams

And if I had a time machine
I'd probably use it like a vacuum and try to clean
It kind a seems, quite more than a handful
Of these regrets have been circumstantial

Now give me all the cash out the drawer
Touch that mustache down on the floor
And I'll be in court holding a pitchfork
'Fore I let the contest outlast the sport

Pocket watch, impatient
Find a mate then make the migration
Break the rules, but first break the rulers
And keep it moving like a rumor

I don't need to defend my defensiveness
I keep to myself, my family and friendships
I've got enough people I could disappoint
If you disagree I think you missed the point

Now go ahead and grab a chair
Let me tell you about the last few years
Pulled out a sack full of Samson's hair
And put it on the dash like a dancin' bear

I wrote you a horoscope
It won't fit on this post-it note
But if I had to sum it up into a shorter quote
It goes fuck it, you might as well row that boat


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