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This song is by Atlanta Rhythm Section and appears on the album Champagne Jam (1978).

I got a wicked woman, I call her Evileen
She is a witch, a bit of a bitch
She's a necessary evil
But she's got what I need, Evileen

Sometimes her love's a nightmare
Sometimes it's obscene
She makes me fuss, she makes me cuss
But I love that very, very, picky and contrary

Evileen, Evileen, she's a devil of a dream

She treats me like a devil
I treat her like a queen
Her loves so good it's scary
It's the best I've ever seen
Yes, I love that very, very, kinky and contrary

Evileen, Evileen, Evileen, Evileen
She's a devil of a dream

Evileen, Evileen, Evileen
Evil Evileen, Evileen
Evil Evileen, Evil Evileen

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