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When The Ground Gives Way

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

Does the sand hide like treasure buried deep,
Spite for the waves by whose crashing 'twas shaped?
For loss of majesty old cliffs may weep
Or greet their rebirth at every scrape;

As the ground gives way to the weighted past
Naught's lost to waves but rather shore's new growth
And deafening tides whose violence won't last
Will ebb as did the love of my once betrothed;

As loss confounded the broken heart's faith
In heaven's promise of love thru the age;
Time the noble hero seeks to partake
In the soulmaking course from child to sage.

The mountain reborn as beach on the shore
Quietly tutored me as no one before.


Written by:

Astra Heights

Produced by:

Brian H. Irwin


2009 at B.I. Studios, Echo Park, CA

Artist's notes:

"A sonnet about rebirth and humility."

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