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Under His Bed

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

And he looked under his bed,
Into the closet, he didn't find it
So then grumbled, grumbled and
He said I'll take a walk, it seems
To be lost. Out in the street,
Into the park, out in the public
Asking the people to see if they'd
Help out, but they all said,
"Sorry, we don't wanna get involved".

He will never find out, he will never find out
The life I lead behind his back at all.

When I woke up this morning
I had a terrible pain in my back
It's been like seven years since
It's bothered me like that, I'm carrying a load
That I didn't mean to grab, whether I
Deserved it or not is really quite beside
The fact.

I cried this morning when I read the news
Like old John Lennon I want to sing it to you
Like a bad post modern painting intent to confuse
It rushed right in and through me what a terrible
Terrible terrible muse...

Dear Momma, I didn't mean to make you cry
But you know just who I am, I'm my father's son
And you need to know, I'm gonna break some hearts
And travel the world.

"Oh Kleiny, why do you say such things?"

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