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The Featherweight

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

It's laid on me, its burden dims my light
Like walking in mud, or the first loss of love
But I've needed it.

It's philosophy, tries to give purpose to the plight
To make noble the pain lest the world go insane.
So I've needed it.

My strength is my soul, my rock solid kinfolk
They know that i can be such a fatalist...
My pride is my yoke, and my infallible cloak,
Well it hides all my weaknesses
Like dusk's shyest hour
When the sky is orange colored
I love to wear it.

One day you might know
You reap more than you sow
And when that thing you've pushed aside
And swept under the rug all your life
Looks you straight in the eye
Don't let it give fright
Know it's name
Know its name
Know it's name
It's sacrifice.
Know it's name
Know it's name
Know its name
Love is sacrifice.
Know it's name, know it's name, know it's name, love is sacrifice.
You'll life will never be the same once you share in a sacrifice.
Know its name, know its name, love is sacrifice.
A million dollars in your hand don't compare to a sacrifice.


Written by:

Astra Heights

Produced by:

Brian H. Irwin


2009 at B.I. Studios, Echo Park, CA

Artist's notes:

"Love ain't what it's cracked up to be nowadays, in fact, in our experience it's nothing like real love. Some of us find that out the hard way, but we're probably better for it."

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