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Swimming In A Bottle

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

Swimming in a bottle
Of whiskey, once again
Loose cannon wild child
Don't leave me my dear friend
I know you're feeling lonely
But I'm right by your side
You have too much to carry
Let's throw it off tonight

Sittin' in the middle
Of good Jekyll and bad Hyde
I never thought I'd see
Some remorse come forth from your eyes
You said that you've been thinking
About how you've lived your life
You snuffed out all your candles
For giving you some light

You never have a problem
Going through your friends
If everything is not perfect
Then your ship sets sail
You never have a reason
For anything you do
If you can get attached to it
You say goodbye, it's through

Everybody wants to
Be right by your side
They say you know the right words
You're easy on the eyes
But everything you do
Is just a dirty lie
'Cause when you get back to your home
You tell yourself goodnight

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