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Lonely Life

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

My freedom is not real
Just the compulsion to reveal.
And my weapon is always concealed
Protecting me from what they tell me to fear
My reason, what I say and feel
Is a just a construct of my cultures dead ideas
And my lovers who've a taste for the kill
Will do what they want and sacrifice nil
And I'd leave it all if I had somewhere to go.

Life can be a stain, oh the pain sometimes
But when the rain it falls, it drives it all away.
It's been a lonely, lonely life
In and out of love, forgetting the pain before
Moving onto the next one.
It's been a lonely, lonely life
Not getting what you want, the dreams that die
Behind your back as the years pass on and on.
I can say with firm resolve I mess up all the time
But I won't lay the blame on someone else
When the fault is all mine.

But by and by I get on fine.

By and by we get on fine.

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