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How Little We Know

This song is by Astra Heights and appears on the album Ship Of Theseus (2010).

"How little we know, how eager to learn"

Will my mind ever refrain
From his life's search, though vain,
For the purpose of its pursuits?
Can I ever look at a girl
Without seeing my love swirl,
Swimming in her innocent eyes?
As if I disdain all things pure, I burn
And turn, turn, turn to live in disguise
Yes, I know and I know I know better
Nonetheless it's convenience or never
The times I choose the Godly side.

It's our surgeons general warning
That all men are created horny.
Oh woman, is that such a surprise!?
As contrary as the weather,
Pretty beaches and sundried desert,
Are he and she, thee and thou, created so.
You must be then sincere
As to Arthur from Gueneviere,
When quietly you did spoke:

"We're as different as...
Holy / shit."


Written by:

Astra Heights

Produced by:

Brian H. Irwin


2009 at B.I. Studios, Echo Park, CA

Artist's notes:

"This song serves as a preface to the album. The mind of a man is always up to no good and despite what we know is right we always end up screwing it up. haha"

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