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Butterfly Effect

This song is by Assemblage 23 and appears on the album Endure (2016).

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Song of the Day
May 16, 2017
A ripple rolls across the water
The water carves into the stone
The stone erodes into a valley
No process ever acts alone

Not for long

The match head strikes against the paper
The paper sets the wood alight
The fire spreads throughout the forest
Illuminating half the sky

No man's an island
Driven mad by silence
So why do I feel such a disconnect?
I'm reaching out now
In the only way I know how
Stranded in this butterfly effect

A block of ice falls off a glacier
And tears a passing tanker's hull
The oil spills out into the ocean
An entire ecosystem nulled

A seagull takes flight by the water
Flapping it's wings, against the air
Air pressure drops off in the distance
Setting loose hurricanes elsewhere

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