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This song is by Asking Alexandria and appears on the the physical version of the album Asking Alexandria (2017).

This song contains a sample from the national anthem "God Save the Queen".
God save our gracious Queen
Long live our noble Queen
God save the Queen

This is one for the little stupid dummyheads
With poop on their face and pee on the (?)
You're such a butthead, boogerface
Shut your silly mouth you four-eyed nerd

Quick punk, scram, why you even talking to me?
You're a loser, I'm cool, you're just too stupid to see
You don't even have a skateboard
You still have a PS3

You wanna kiss your teacher
You'll cry when you scream tonight

Beat it dweeb, you're a doofus

I don't even like you
We're not friends anymore
I'mma kick you in the butt
And you smell like a girl

James, the fucking song's over, shut up

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