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Bull Dog Sal

This song is by Ashley and Foster and appears on the compilation The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of (2006).

Well once I knew a little gal and her Daddy called her Sal
She was living down in sunny Tennessee
She had red long wavy hair and her face had ______
And I knew she was the gal for me

But one said I'd go just to see that gal you know
For I always long to sit right by here side
But her Daddy always had a big dog he was bad
And I could never ask her to be my bride

Up the path I drew at last on the inside gate I passed
But I knew the old man waiting inside the door
Then in the corner I gear a click, hear the old man holler sick
But I knew I was getting the thing I was looking for

How I thought of Mama dear as my pants begin to tear
And my darling Sal seemed almost close to me
I will never forget that spot in that little old backyard lot
Where that bulldog chased me out of Tennessee

I could hear old Sally singing as she said farewell to me
As I crossed the hills and hollers to my mother I did flee
As the moon rose in its' glory there I told my mother story
Of that bulldog in sunny Tenneesee

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