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Autobiography (2004)

Ashlee Simpson - Autobiography


  1. Autobiography
  2. Pieces of Me
  3. Shadow
  4. La La
  5. Love Makes the World Go Round
  6. Better Off
  7. Love Me For Me
  8. Surrender
  9. Unreachable
  10. Nothing New
  11. Giving It All Away
  12. Undiscovered
B-sides and bonus tracks
  • Harder Everyday (International bonus track)
  • Sorry (Bonus track in UK and Japan, also b-side on Shadow single)
  • Endless Summer (Bonus track in Japan, also b-side on La La single)

I Am Me (2005)

Ashlee Simpson I Am Me

I Am Me

  1. Boyfriend
  2. In Another Life
  3. Beautifully Broken
  4. L.O.V.E.
  5. Coming Back for More
  6. Dancing Alone
  7. Burnin Up
  8. Catch Me When I Fall
  9. I Am Me
  10. Eyes Wide Open
  11. Say Goodbye
Bonus tracks

Bittersweet World (2008)

Ashlee Simpson - Bittersweet World

Bittersweet World

  1. Outta My Head (Ay Ya Ya)
  2. Boys
  3. Rule Breaker
  4. No Time for Tears
  5. Little Miss Obsessive (featuring Tom Higgenson of Plain White T's)
  6. Ragdoll
  7. Bittersweet World
  8. What I've Become
  9. Hot Stuff
  10. Murder (featuring Izza Kizza)
  11. Never Dream Alone
Bonus tracks


Songs on Compilations and Soundtracks

Songs Featuring Ashlee Simpson


Other Songs

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  1. Break Down
  2. Can't Understand
  3. Get Away,Stay Away From Me
  4. Hollywood (live)
  5. L.O.V.E. (Missy Underground Mix) (featuring Missy Elliott)
  6. L.O.V.E. Radio Disney Edit
  7. Listenening Patiently
  8. Me and My Family
  9. Oh Yeah That
  10. Reality
  11. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (live)
  12. Then You'll See
  13. Unreachable Sample

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