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Land of a Thousand Echoes

This song is by Ascendant and appears on the album A Thousand Echoes (2017).

My sight is clear, and my thoughts have been defined
My wakeful body, is swaying through my conscious mind

Move on, with fierce devotion to the sea, with me
Commotion, I'm tossing on the ocean
You won't see the fear in me

Perhaps it's the tip, from what's left of my freedom's bill
When the torrent of blood wrecked my free will

But I'll play with you, this game of breath
I'll overcome the flood of death
From the land of a thousand echoes
Surfing from hell, carving my victory tale

Piercing noise, ripped through my glorious pride
My sacred choice spun my trip to a frightening ride
Outrageous waves stole the last of my floating thoughts
The more I weave, I keep looping from the start

Distractions, locked in the action
Could this be, my tragedy
Instructions turned to reactions
Cannot be, the end of me

From the land of a thousand echoes
Condemned to my sail, and hoping not to let this fail

When the last shining star is all that remains
I'm inhaling salt, will my life go in vain?

Paralyzed soul, am I losing the fight?
My heavens are dark with the white of this light

From the land of a thousand echoes
Have I found the dhow, or is it time to end my show?

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