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  1. Embrace (featuring Eric Vloeimans)
  2. Another You (featuring Mr. Probz)
  3. Strong Ones (featuring Cimo Fränkel)
  4. Make It Right (featuring Angel Taylor)
  5. Face of Summer (featuring Sarah deCourcy)
  6. Heading Up High (featuring Kensington)
  7. Gotta Be Love (featuring Lyrica Anderson)
  8. Hands To Heaven (featuring Rock Mafia)
  9. Caught in the Slipstream (featuring BullySongs)
  10. Embargo (with Cosmic Gate)
  11. Freefall (featuring BullySongs)
  12. Indestructible (featuring DBX)
  13. Old Skool
  14. Off the Hook (with Hardwell)
  15. Looking for Your Name (featuring Gavin DeGraw)

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