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Midnight Train

This song is by Arjen Anthony Lucassen and appears on the album Pools of Sorrow, Waves of Joy (1993).

My daddy was a gambler
He gambled with his life
He didn't give a damn about his wife
(So) she left him in the night time
While hiding from the rain
I was born on the midnight train

Grew up a desperado
Grew hair on my chest
They said I was the terror of the west
(Well) I didn't have no money
And I didn't have no brain
So I robbed the midnight train

Well the sheriff formed a posse, Apaches on my trail
He said "Hey dude, I'll throw you in my jail"
Now I'm sitting here tired
To ball and chain
I've been caught on the midnight train

They made me work the railroad
For 16 hours a day
I knew I just had to get away
(Now) how I pulled it off
I still can't explain
But I escaped the midnight train

Now if you would have been there
Aboard the midnight train
He was rumoured to have died or gone insane
Then somebody be smiling
No one knew his name
But he was born on the midnight train

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