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Yield Not to Temptation

This song is by Aretha Franklin.

Yield not to temptation
For yielding, yielding is sin
Each victory, victory
Will help you, some other to win

Fight manfully on, onward dark, oh, dark passions subdue
You just look, look ever, ever, ever, ever
To Je, Jesus and I know that He
Lord, He will carry you, He'll carry you all through

Oh, oh, you just are asking
Why don't you try asking Him to help you
Why don't you just ask Him, ask Him to keep you
Why don't you just ask Him, ask Him to comfort

Get down on your knees and ask Him, oh, to keep you
Lord, I know Jesus, I know that He's willing
Oh, I know He's able, He's able to help you
And I know, I know that Jesus
Oh, Jesus will carry you again, you through


Written by:

Don Robey

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