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I Surrender, Dear

This song is by Aretha Franklin and appears on the album The Electrifying Aretha Franklin (1962).

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I Surrender, Dear
We played the game of stay away
But it cost more than I can pay
Without you I can't make my way
I surrender, dear

Now, I may seem proud, I may act gay
But it's just a pose, oh, I'm not that way
'Cause deep down, deep down in my heart, I say
I surrender, dear

Mmm, little mean things we were doing
Must have been part of the game
And lending a spice to the wooing
Oh, but I don't care who's to blame, blame, yeah!

When stars appear and shadows fall
Why then you'll hear my poor heart call?
To you, my love, my life, my all
I surrender, dear

Oh, I, I surrender, dear
Oh, yeah, yeah, I
Oh, I surrender, yeah, dear, yeah, yeah

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