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(Ah, the Apple Trees) When the World Was Young

This song is by Aretha Franklin.

This song is a cover of "Le chevalier de Paris" by Édith Piaf.
They call me coquette, and mademoiselle
And I must admit I like it quite well
It's something to be the darling of all
Le grande femme fatale the belle of the ball
There's nothing as gay as life in paris
There's no other person, I'd rather be
I love what I do I love what I see
But where is the schoolgirl that used to be me

Ah, the apple trees
Where at garden teas
Jack-o-lanterns swung
Fashions of the day
Vests of applique
Dresses of shantung
Only yesterday
When the world was young

While sitting around we often recall,
The laugh of the year the night of them all
The blonds who was so attractive that year
Some opening night that made us all cheer
Remember that time we all got so tight
And jacques and antoine got into a fight
The gendarmes who came, passed out like a light
I laugh with the rest it's all very bright

Ah, the apple trees
Sunlight memories
Where the hammock swung
On our backs we'd lie
Looking at the shy
Till the stars were strung
Only last July
When the world was young

You'll see me in cape d'antibes, or in Spain
I follow the sun by boat or by plane
It's any old millionaire in a storm
For I've got my mink to keep my heart warm
And sometimes I drink too much with the crowd
And, sometimes I talk a little too loud
My head may be aching, but it's unbowed
And sometimes I see it all through the clouds

Ah, the apple trees
And the hive of bees
Where we once got stung
Summers at bordeau
Rowing at bateau
Where the willow hung
Just a dream ago
When the world was young


Written by:

David Jolicoeur; Kelvin Mercer; Lonnie Lynn; Ernest Dion Wilson

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