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We're More Than Champions

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Recovery (2009).

This song is a parody of "We Are the Champions" by Queen.
I'm made like you
I'm not sublime
I've done my repentance
For some miserable crimes
And bad mistakes I've made 'em too
I've had my share of temptations from Satan
But I've got some news
(God'll keep us all one and strong and on and on)

We're more than champions, my friends
Just read Romans 8 until the end
We're more than champions
We've got redemption
No one can move us or cease our ascension from the world

I may get knocked down, and I'm sure to fall
You've got the same misfortunes and everything I'm going through
Haven't we all?
But if in His death He rose up
He'll raise us too
I consider them the challenges we know that all humans face
But I'm telling you
(God'll keep us all one and strong and on and on)

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