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Take Jude

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Loaded 45s (2014).

This song is a parody of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles.
Take Jude... he makes it fast
Take a second and read his letter
It's 25 verses long - so is this song
So pay attention

Take Jude... both he and James
Were related to our Lord and Savior
They didn't
Believe their brother was Him - till He'd risen
But He forgave them

And when you're family feels you're strange
Like Jude and James
Don't worry; the Word of God has shown us
That those we know who think we're fools
And crazy kooks
They may just convert a little slower
La da da da da da da da da da

Take Jude... it's written down
I have found it... here's how you get there
That Revelation comes last... right before that
They placed his letter

So get it out and read again, take Jude, dig in
Don't wait until Sunday School to learn it
But don't you know the gist of Jude?
Hey, dude - you should
Contend for the faith, because it's permanent

Take Jude... go take his path
Take a stand as a faith defender
We played this song about him (oh!) so you'd begin
To read his letter
And ya - never - ever - better - forget it - now

C'mon and get it out now
Read it out loud - read Jude
C'mon and get it out now
Read it out loud - read Jude

(Well, you know you should read just what Jude verse number 3 says)

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