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Story of a Squirrel

This song is by ApologetiX and appears…

This song is a parody of "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by Nine Days.
This is the story of a squirrel
Whom God Preserved when he drowned the whole world
And while things looked so dark and Noah's Ark
Was absolutely flooded - yet she's fine

How many days were they there?
Afloat in the boat it was over one year
And how come the world didn't prepare?
Meteorologists said it would clear
How could they stand that raining?
Where was the hope in the souls of the crew?
Life on the waves is severe
When it's Gilligan's Island combined with a zoo
But Noah was aware the world would get sprayed
And the wind would never fall in quite the same way
But two of every creatures would come out of things O.K

This is the story of a Squirrel...

And while things looked so bad and Noah's raft
Was absolutely flooded - yet she's fine

Have they discovered the place
Where the boat came to rest when the rain was all drained?
Why don't we climb up it's face? Walk up the mountain from Genesis 8?
It's probably still there waiting there in the snow in the cold altitude
How do we get there today?
When you walk into Turkey and hiking is refused?
They've closed up the Ararat Mountain these days
There's terrorists there besides - it ain't safe
And they're 17,000 feet hight - I think we'll wait

This is the story of a Squirrel...

And While she took no baths and those giraffes
Were absolutely stubborn - yet she's fine
Well, you're told to prepare as well and get saved
And the end of the world it might be on the way
But you'd never think you'd run out of time today

This is the story of a Squirrel...

And when we look close at Jehovah's wrath I absolutely shudder
This is the story of a Squirrel - I tried to sing it about the old girl
But all this went so fast - I've noticed that
I accidentally snubbed her - yet she's fine - Oh, yes, she's fine

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