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Noah Man

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Zebraic (2017).

This song is a parody of "Nowhere Man" by The Beatles.
He's a real Noah man, sitting in his boat on land
Making all his Noah plans with no flooding
Doesn't have a port in view, no spot for his floating zoo
Doesn't seem to fit like you and me

Noah man
Please listen
We don't know
What you're sniffin'
Noah man
The world is not gonna end

We're as dry as we can be, check these flood-free rocks and trees
Noah man, can you see rain at all?

Noah man
Don't worry
Rain or shine
Snow flurries
Thorough it all
The sun's coming out to give you a tan

Mustn't hand him pointy tools, Noah's gotten weird; he's so uncool
Yes indeed he just might drool on me

Noah man
These Christians
They don't know
What they're missin'
Noah man
The world is not gonna end

Please get real, Noah, man, sitting in this boat on land
Makin' all these Noah plans, you're so funny
Maybe y'all ain't noticed, man, it's so sunny
Rain ain't fallin' nowhere and there's no flooding

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