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More Than Works

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Apol-Acoustix (2005).

This song is a parody of "More Than Words" by Extreme.
They might tell you there's lots of works God wants to see from you
That's not the right attitude - none are saved by things that man can do
But Jesus said the deed was done on Calvary
More than works 'cause all the good you do ain't no big deal
And it couldn't get you saved - that's too costly --the Bible tells me so
What would you do if I quote Ephesians 2
No man's works can save his soul - that's so nobody can boast
The Good Book says that it's not by works but grace
And you couldn't make things new without faith in our Lord too
Now they might try to talk to you and make you just like them
(But) all you have to do is hope in Christ and just be born again
And trust the Holy Ghost - He'll never let you go
More than works 'cause all of men's good deeds are still too small
And they couldn't get you saved - but you can be 'cause Christ already rose
What would you do if your heart was born anew
Your good works could show your faith, but you must first take His grace
What do you say? If you trust His Word today
Then you could still make things new just by prayin' - why don't you?

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