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This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Minor League (2016).

This song is a parody of "Abacab" by Genesis.
Look up in the Word - it's there undisturbed
Next to your pillow, beside your shirt
There's a chap in the middle, somewhere near the Old Testament's last page
Can you think of his name? Tell me, did you think of his name?

Is he Jewish? You're getting there
Can you show us? A prophet share?
Malachi - He's the messenger, Malachi

If you're offerin', stuff to the Lord
Has it changed and, become a selfish chore
When you turn wives to widows
Leavin' one you married to dwell alone
Well, don't you think He'll find out
Tell me, don't you think He'll find out

When you do it - you're never scared
Don't you know - you should stop and care
Malachi - says you're unaware
Malachi - but it needs repaired

If you wanted a prophet, you got it, oh
If you wondered what God said - now you know

He'll send Elijah - yes again
For repentance - in someone else's name
When he brings you the warning
Savior's finally comin' so tell a friend
Well, that's a holiness summons
Yeah, that's a holiness summons
Baby, that's a holiness summons
Prepare your soul for His comin'

Will you do it? Go get prepared
Mend your soul and your God can spare
Malachi - he's no teddy bear, Malachi

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