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I Can't Escape

This song is by ApologetiX and appears on the album Doves in Snakes' Clothing (2016).

This song is a parody of "I Can't Explain" by The Who.
God filled me inside (Can't escape)
I'm servin' Christ (Can't escape)
He filled up a hole (Can't escape)
Way down in my soul, yeah (Can't escape)

I said, can't escape
I mean, I could run, yeah, but (Can't escape)

Visited my friends I still do
I think you said I'm crazy, that's true
They're making fun of me again, they're agape
I know how it seems, but

Can't escape our Savior's love
I've been prayin' for you
You might still move, but
Can't escape (Can't escape)
You can't hear what I say, though (Can't escape)

Visited the friends I still had
Some things I said have got them real mad
I guess they wanna see my head on a plate
I know how it seems, but

Can't escape our Savior's love
Christ can save you, too
You might need proof, but
Can't escape (Can't escape)
So hear me one more time now, yeah yeah (Can't escape)

Said I can't escape now (Can't escape)
They call me out of my mind (Can't escape)
But I know what I've got here (Can't escape)
I said I can't escape

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